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CellCon Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Programs

CellCon Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Programs


Extend the life of your CellCon machines and maximize their output with certified inspections and a regular maintenance program.

CellCon service technicians perform maintenance routines at customer facilities, often taking advantage of scheduled plant shut-downs. We inspect for worn parts and make standard adjustments, maximizing the performance of your machines.

Inspection reports are furnished upon completion, outlining recommended parts or service needed. Follow-up service calls are then scheduled to make repairs before emergency service is required.

A typical CellCon inspection routine includes the following;

1) Remove way covers and level machine.

2) Preliminary & final check for squareness, gib tightness, backlash in ballscrews and spindle bearing temperature.

3) Replace “X’, “Y” & “Z” axis way wipers

4) Check lube system at all points

5) Check labyrinth seals on front and rear of spindle

6) Align and adjust “Tool Changer”

7) Check axis amp draw

8) Check drawbar for retention and knock-out

9) Furnish final inspection report with recommended service needed

Call us at 800-467-2464 to get the details and charges related to our inspection routines and annual preventative maintenance programs.

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