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Advanced Machining Solutions

CellCon, founded in 1987, is a leading USA manufacturer of high value 3-axis horizontal and vertical CNC production modules, for use in special machine builds and as stand-alone machining centers. CellCon's new range of pre-engineered production modules come with the capacity you need to quickly creat the most cost effective flexible machining system ever to hit the production floor.


CellCon will work with you to supply the production modules you need, larger or smaller, with or without CNC, with a full range of spindle options. Because the equipment is pre-engineered and pretested, it can be delivered quickly, ready to plug and play.


Should processes change, the spindle styles can be changed and modules can be repogrammed for true reusability. Your CellCon based system need never be obsoleted. They can be rearranged quickly and reprogrammed in hours for a whole new assignment at minimal cost.


With just-in-time delivery of fully assembled modules, CellCon systems also save design, engineering, assembly and documentation hours. Affordable initial capital cost and economical operation keep life cycle costs low and the modules are easy to finance.


The original cost-effective module for production systems, more than 800 CellCons are already at work in some of the toughest production environments. Ruggedly constructed of high-quality, machine tool standard, off-the-shelf components, each CellCon is designed for a long productive service life.

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